ZP WatchDog is Zero Parallel’s solution for preventing the growth of fraud, designed in an effort to keep the industry compliant.

The ZP WatchDog database consists of affiliates who breach consumer data and have been marked as “non-compliant.” To understand how ZP WatchDog works, click here.

The database allows other networks to cross reference non-compliant affiliates with their existing lists, so publishers are blocked before they hit your system.

We strongly welcome participation from other networks as well as lead generators. We also welcome any suggestions you have for ways in which we can stop the growth of fraud in this industry.

We’re keeping an eye on compliance. Together, we can help this industry survive.

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The database will include important information about publishers

registration information of publisher
first and last name
phone number
e-mail address
browser information
any IP addresses used by publisher
historical login information
previous history and comments
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ANTITRUST DISCLAIMER: Your activity on the ZP WatchDog system potentially implicates federal and state antitrust laws. For more information about Zero Parallel’s policies regarding anti-competitive user behavior, please read our Terms of Use.